Hire Better!

Hire Better!

We’ve built our solutions on the foundation that there are six steps to the hiring process. Optimizing this 6 Step Recruitment System with data, hiring expertise, and our applicant tracking software (ATS) has helped thousands of small and medium sized businesses make successful hires!

Prepare to recruit lightbulb
1. Prepare to Recruit
Candidate Pool
2. Sourcing
Candidate screening magnifying glass
3. Screening
4. Interviewing
Assessment checklist
5. Assessing
hiring handshake
6. Offer

Our simple, comprehensive, and effective approach to each of these steps in the hiring process gets you in front of the most qualified candidates fast. Spend less time with unqualified applicants, and get in front of the talent that matters. 

"It was like  having  my own team  to help with  the  work.  I found a great person and  match for the position.  I will be using NewHire again & again."

Dave Younge, Small Business Owner
Progressive Stamping

Job seekers today have access to more information about the companies to which they apply than ever before. With discerning job seekers on the market, small and medium-sized businesses must attract talent to their jobs. Once the top of the recruiting funnel is open, the best employers use tools to find the right people faster and more effectively.



Why NewHire?

NewHire empowers small and mid-sized businesses to hire the right person for the right job by providing a unique, customized recruiting experience. NewHire understands the recruiting challenges faced by small and mid-sized employers, and our transparent and efficient process is designed primarily for your recruiting needs, however robust or infrequent they may be.

Our goal is to find the right person for the job by providing the candidates, hiring tools and coaching to help small and mid-sized businesses hire better.


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