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Tailoring and Alterations
Hartford, CT  06114

Best Cleaners is seeking an enthusiastic Seamstress / Tailor to join our close-knit organization. We provide a variety of exceptional garment-based services including dry cleaning and tailoring.

Seamstresses and Tailors play an important part in providing our customers a valuable service that helps make us successful. You will provide garment fittings, quality sewing repairs, alterations and tailoring to our customers in our retail locations.
The ideal Seamstress / Tailor is proficient in their craft, has an outgoing professional demeanor, and a high attention to detail. This is an excellent opportunity to begin your career with our collaborative team.
For full-time Seamstresses and Tailors, we offer:

  • Starting compensation of $10.75-$13 an hour based on experience
  • Health and Life Insurance
  • 401k
  • Vacation and holidays
  • 50% off any dry cleaning at our facilities
For nearly 60 years, Best Cleaners has been the premier provider of dry cleaning services to the Greater Hartford area. Whether it’s tailoring, bridal gown preservation, or our environmentally-friendly GreenEarth dry cleaning services, we pride ourselves in giving our customers an outstanding experience. With 11 locations, we are an active member of the community. To learn more about us, please visit our website at

Duties and Responsibilities for Seamstress / Tailor Include:

  • Provide superior friendly service to our customers
  • Project a positive attitude; Smile and use welcoming body language
  • Provide quality sewing, repairs, alterations, tailoring and fittings
  • Price repair jobs and generate repair tickets
  • Monitor and order tailoring supplies
  • Hand iron garments as needed in the sewing process
  • Any additional tasks assigned by the Tailoring Coordinator, Plant Manager or upper management
Requirements for Seamstress / Tailor Include:
  • Experienced in the craft of sewing, alterations, repairs, tailoring, and fittings
  • Flexible schedule with Saturday availability
  • Excellent communication skills and a “customer first” mindset
  • Able to complete work by deadlines
  • This job may entail hot indoor air temperatures, noisy conditions, standing for long periods of time and lifting customer garments and supplies


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Hemming pants and skirts / dresses
Installing zippers
General repairs seams rips etc

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Shortening of shirt / blouse sleeves
Shortening of jacket sleeves
Waist alterations

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Hand sewing
Commercial straight stitch machine
Blind stitch machine

Which of the following sentences best describes your preferred work habits and environment?
I like to have a clearly defined set of duties that I execute regularly
I like to work on a variety of projects simultaneously
I thrive in a fast paced environment where no two days are alike
I like to have a mixture of regular duties and long term projects

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