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Inside Sales Representative
Saint Charles, MO  63301

Inside Sales Representative - Full Time

Paid training period. Competitive compensation with on target earnings of $54,600 first year with a clear pathway to $70,000 in Year 2 and $90,000 and above in Year 3.  Top Earners are over $100,000 per year.

Check out what employees are saying here:
This is a Sales Position for people with Desire for success in professional selling and for people with the Commitment to do whatever it takes to learn and execute our Sales system.  If you are money motivated and competitive and are looking for regular hours this position may be for you.  

Compensation details:  $100/day during a 2-week intense and expert training period.  $1000 2x Per Month Draw against commissions to carry you through slow sales weeks.  Uncapped Commissions paid following the training period.  Learning curve period typically 1-2 months before you are fully capable of performing at a high level.  Draw becomes a Minimum Base Pay Guarantee after 6 months if you are promoted.  We do all we can to reward performers who work hard at understanding and executing our system in their first few months.  

Benefits - Health and dental 100% for employee after 90 days.  Discounted fitness club membership.  401k 100% match on first 3% after only 6 months of employment.  5 Days Paid Vacation after 12 months.  Vacation builds to 10 days after 2 years, then add one day per year up to 15 days total.  Paid major holidays.    

Resume not required (for MOBILE applicants especially).
**NOTE THAT YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE any Sales experience to apply for this job but any type of Sales experience is a bonus if you can prove performance in that role.  If you have not had Sales Experience, we will consider your application but you should be prepared to tell us in your initial phone call why you believe you are willing to deal with the rejection and hard work that comes with a sales career in order to earn the commissions that are possible.  We invest heavily in you in the early months and we need to know that you have what it takes.

So, do any of these sound like you:  
  • You had a great career in Outside Sales or Sales that required you to be on your feet and you can't do that anymore?
  • You are just looking for a great NEW Inside Sales Opportunity where you can also have fun again?
  • You know you have Sales Skills but Need a System/Mentors/Culture to Motivate you and help you Grow
  • A Server or Bar Tender tired of working nights.  Do you want consistency and to not be dependent on the industry and flow of customers?  Is cash sometimes a bad thing...and a paycheck and 401k would start to build savings and a future?
  • You have been in Sales of any kind and are ready to take a shot at it again? 
  • Do you work in retail, especially in a Management role?  Does it feel like you are working your tail off but it is going to take a long time to get raises and promotions?  Would you like the idea of "writing your own paycheck" and being rewarded?
  • Are you in a CALL CENTER and do you feel like a number?  Do you want to be in a vibrant and hopping atmosphere where you are grinding and making money and yet it doesn't feel like work?
  • Are you a Collections agent who just isn't sure about collecting money forever?  Would like an opportunity to grow sales and income?  Perhaps you work in Fast Food and you have been recognized and moved into management but it is not full-time with no incentive pay?  No benefits?  
  • Are you going to College but aren't sure the income will be there when you get out or you need some money in the meantime?  Or do you have a College degree but feel stuck and would like a profession?  
  • Have you sold something and felt the rush of the closed sale and commission that comes with the sales and you would like to make a career out of that?
  • Does Sales sound somewhat interesting and yet you don't know where to start?  

10 REASONS TO APPLY FOR THIS JOB (Does this sound like you???) 
  1. Learn a Career and Skills while getting paid and working with a great group of people.
  2. Improve your Foosball, ping pong, or shuffleboard game and watch TV and listen to music while at work.
  3. You want the opportunity to earn $60k or even over $100k in less than 2 years.
  4. You love teamwork, winning, fun while at work.
  5. You are ready for a job that is mostly normal hoursMonday through Friday, no late nights (7 pm latest quit, a few Saturdays).
  6. You want to work for a company where the Managers and Owners know your name, will give you a hi-5 for a great job, and where you are recognized.
  7. You believe in being rewarded for your hard work.
  8. You want to learn the Skill and Profession of Selling and get Paid while learning.
  9. You believe that you should have the opportunity to work in a steady environment that can provide a lucrative income even if you did not go to college or tech school.... or if you feel like your college degree or current program are not going to yield the job you desired.
  10. You are looking for the opportunity to Dunk your boss in the dunk tank.


This is what you will be doing in this job:
  1. Learning about all of our Products, Services and Systems.
  2. Going through 2 weeks of very thorough training and mentoring - we will not "throw you to the wolves"
  3. You will be taking calls that are transferred from Inside Sales Assistants and you must quickly develop bonding and rapport and trust.
  4. Your primary job is to ask questions to get people to think and consider their options for protecting their vehicle.
  5. You will keep detailed notes in our computer system.
  6. You will be learning sales and needs analysis techniques.
  7. You will learn to close sales and get people to make a decision.
  8. You must be able to work for up to 2 hours at a desk with little interruption.  We give adequate breaks but you must be able to steadily work for a period of time.
So what are the most important things... 

Desire to be part of a fun loving TEAM.  Desire to improve yourself, have a Career, desire to work 5 days per week with normal work hours and MAKE A LOT OF MONEY.   You should have had past experience with working 40 hours or more per week.  Experience with multiple people on the phone in a short time or multiple people demanding your attention at one time is very useful.  If you have been labeled as "responsible" at an early age (while working :-) ) this may be for you.  


Listen... we are a Used Car Vehicle Service Contract Company.  We are a Call Center.  You owe it to yourself to visit us and meet our team.  When you step inside our building and feel the energy... you will know if this is for you or not...   That said - you will read bad reviews on the internet about our company.  The number of bad reviews compared to our competition are miniscule.  Our industry captures very few people who are leaving positive reviews because when someone has a positive experience in our is still a negative.... WHY... because when your Car Breaks down, you are upset, no matter what.  Are you ever happy if your car breaks down, even if it is repaired?  NO    

You cann read the reviews from our actual employees who work here at this review page:  .

So here is what is different about us - we are not Cold Calling.  We have transitioned primarily to working with Service Contract companies and Car Dealerships to offer a Renewal or Extension to people who have an expiring coverage on their car.  That is why we say this is a Warm Leads job.


If any of this Opportunity Description appealed to you...then go ahead and apply...  we will give you a call if your answers to the questions are a fit and we can talk for 12-15 minutes about your career, this opportunity long-term, what you are looking for... and determine together whether it makes sense for you to come in and see our facility, meet our people, and observe what we do here.  Thanks!

To be considered, please complete the information below.  Resume is Not Required.  Your information will be held in confidence. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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