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Purchasing Administrator
Itasca, IL  60143

L.A.B. Equipment, Inc. seeks an experienced and highly self- motivated Purchasing Administrator to join our thriving team. We are the global leader in the design, manufacturing, and service of product reliability and package testing equipment. The Purchasing Administrator will perform all purchasing functions, work closely with vendors to gather information, such as price quotes, availability, and delivery schedule, and maintain meticulous records. The right person will have a minimum of 2 years of experience in a Purchasing or a Buying role within a manufacturing environment, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and a technical aptitude.

We are a team of experts who foster autonomy and provide the environment to succeed. We put our customers first and collectively take pride in striving for continuous excellence throughout our entire organization. Our small, but robust company allows for exposure to a variety of areas of our business and creates multiple opportunities to make a lasting and significant impact.

The ideal candidate has a positive, can-do attitude, is adaptable in all situations, communicates proactively about purchasing issues, solutions, delivery dates and has math skills that encompass unit conversions, fractions and basic math. This is an excellent opportunity to invest your skills with our industry leaders.

To the Purchasing Administrator we offer:

  • $17.00 - $25.00 per hour commensurate with experience
  • Quarterly bonus program
  • 401K and Safe Harbor Plan
  • Excellent health and life insurance benefits
  • PTO and vacation plan

For over 80 years, L.A.B. Equipment, Inc. has been at the cutting edge of our industry. Our diverse testing methods and semi-custom products have made us the go-to provider across the country. Our diverse clientele, includes Nestle, LG, and Samsung. Our principles of quality, reliability and superior customer support will ensure that we are here serving our clientele for years to come. For more information, please see our website at
Duties and Responsibilities for the Purchasing Administrator Include:

  • Attend daily production meeting and coordinate with sales as needed for inventory
  • Read/interpret Bill of Materials & blueprints to obtain necessary ordering information for materials
  • Assist with stock order inventories
  • Maintain  computerized procurement records, such as items or services purchased, costs, delivery, product quality and inventories using Excel and our CRM
  • Maintain/update vendor database
  • Assist with transfers of stock items into jobs as items are used
  • Assist with end of month reports, e.g. Inventory/WIP for Customer Jobs, Parts and Service, Warranty, Stock Orders and Finished Goods
  • Other duties as needed for success

Requirements for the Purchasing Administrator Include:

  • Associate’ degree
  • Experience with purchasing and administrative work in a manufacturing environment
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Basic math skills including working with conversions and fractions
  • Able to work well independently as well as with others
  • Persistent follow-up and follow-through
  • Careful attention to detail


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer


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Work closely with internal departments to manage their purchasing needs
Work with shipping

Use business mathematics on a daily basis
Work with an ERP system

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Do you have experience reading blue prints?

Please select your preferred work style:
I prefer one project at a time so that I can devote my full concentration
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Please select how you prefer to be managed:
I prefer to work closely with management
I prefer to be given direction and left on my own
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If you have worked for a company of less than 25 people before, please share whether or not you enjoyed it and why:

Please rate your proficiency with Microsoft Office Excel:
Beginner-data entry
Intermediate-create spreadsheets
Advanced-making formulas
Expert-Pivot tables

You have several vendor calls to make in addition to heavy administrative duties. Your deadlines are looming and you are worried. How do you handle the situation?
Seek help from colleagues
Stay as long as you need to
Negotiate different deadlines
Start fresh the next day with a different perspective

You have not heard back from the same vendor after several times of reaching out and your customer needs an answer. What steps do you take to get this resolved:

Given the job description, what do you think makes you an excellent choice for this role?

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