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Territory Sales Representative
Pennsauken Township, NJ  08110

South Jersey territory opportunity for a top producer. You want to sell reliable, quality equipment that customers love, and you want to work for the market leader in Municipal equipment. You don’t want to work in an office; you want to be out working with prospects and customers. You have outside sales experience – preferably selling equipment to cities or contractors. You must have prior success selling equipment or related products.
As a Territory Manager, you are taking over a developed territory with over $2,000,000 in revenue, and you will set goals to hit $4,000,000. You have a burning desire to earn $110,000 to $130,000 like our top performers. You are not just another vendor sales rep. You are a hunter and you win new customers because you prospect consistently. You are tenacious when you know you can win.
Because your customers and prospects trust you, they tell you what is going on in their business. You listen, and you sell consultatively. You help them see that they can save time and be more productive with our equipment. They look at you as a business advisor and a product expert who helps them buy the right equipment for their situation. You work well with public works directors, fleet managers, and supervisors. You are credible with boards of supervisors and with contractors.

You are not complacent about your selling skills. You want to get better as a salesperson, as a product expert, and as an advisor. You want to work for a company that helps you grow and expects you to grow. We are making these investments in our sales team because it helps us grow faster. You are getting excited about this opportunity to grow this territory and make a huge difference in your customers’ businesses.

US Municipal is a growing company that serves those who serve the public. If you think this opportunity is for you, read the rest of this job ad and apply below.

You will live in or near the South New Jersey territory.
Salary transitions to Draw against Commissions
Car plus Travel Expenses, Health, Flex Spending and 401k.
Flexible schedule: travel required but no office commute.
Additional Traits and Capabilities

Character: You have solid values, you take responsibility for your results and you won’t lie or cheat to win.
Work Ethic: You work your territory consistently and proactively.
Organized: You have an organizational system that works.
Self-Directed: You work remotely without being micromanaged.
Disciplined: You have discipline and self-control.
Trainable and Coachable: You keep growing because you apply what you learn and you are coachable.
Tech Savvy: You must have strong computer skills; you work well with Word, Excel, Outlook, and Internet applications.
Writing: You are skilled at writing with good grammar and proper punctuation; you have the discipline to review your work before you send it to people.
Home Office: You have a dedicated, permanent space in your home for your office.
Physical Fitness: You must be able to climb in and out of our equipment easily, and you must be able to lift 75 pounds without getting injured.
Demonstrate: You will learn to demonstrate using our equipment.
Vehicle: You must be a safe driver with a good driving record.
Travel: You travel occasionally for training, but most of your work is in your local territory.


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