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Compliance / Quality Assurance Manager
Edgerton, MN  56128

Fey Industries, Inc. seeks an experienced and detail-oriented Compliance/QA Manager to join our growth focused, forward thinking organization. As Compliance/QA Manager you would be responsible for leading and managing our corporate compliance programs, which includes ensuring our organization adheres to all in-house policies, industry regulations and complies with Federal, State and local regulatory requirements.  The ideal candidate has a passion for auditing, documentation and elevating quality practices as well as excellent problem solving skills, interpersonal communication skills and attention to detail.
Fey Industries, Inc. is a QCA accredited light manufacturing company who operates in a clean, climate controlled, work environment and strives to have a culture representing family values.  The Compliance/QA Manager will be responsible for maintaining day to day operations of our Compliance, QA & Safety programs and ensuring Quality Assurance procedures are maintained, observed, and affirmed. If you have excellent computer skills, ability to work through mathematical concepts, solve practical problems and strive to continuously grow your knowledge and skill base, then this is an excellent opportunity for you.  This role is geared for those who are results driven.
We are a dynamic team of people that are passionate about what we do both at work and within the community. We have an exceptional culture that is friendly, growth focused and team oriented.  We believe in helping our employees live our core values; accountability, continuous improvement & innovation, integrity, sense of urgency and stewardship throughout each day. We encourage our staff to stay motivated and drive themselves onward through continuous improvement.  
To the Compliance/QA Manager we offer:
  • Highly competitive compensation package
  • Health Insurance (majority company paid), Dental & Life Insurance
  • 401k
  • Paid time off and flex time
  • Generous vacation policy (begins immediately upon hire)
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Onsite gym including basketball court, racquetball court and locker rooms as well as an onsite library
Fey Industries, Inc. started in 1965 to provide branded promotional & packaging products that enhance the image of other organizations and continues to grow with additional product lines and acquisitions.  We pride ourselves on achieving Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) accreditation for the promotional product industry.  We are 1 of 31 to be QCA accredited. Our purpose is to create a positive and lasting impression on everyone we impact through our products, jobs and interactions.  For more information about us, please visit our website at
Duties and Responsibilities for Compliance/QA Manager Include:
  • Develop, initiate, maintain, implement, communicate and revise policies and procedures for general operation of the Compliance Program
  • Oversee control systems to prevent or deal with violations of guidelines and internal policies
  • Maintain a full understanding of product quality standards across all product lines
  • Interact with third party labs with product safety testing
  • Assess any business's future ventures to identify possible compliance risks
  • Lead and manage associates within the organization’s internal Quality Assurance Department. Ensure QA procedures are maintained, observed and affirmed
  • Leads training sessions regarding product safety, compliance and our safety programs
  • Audit and work with third party testing and safety compliance requirements
  • Coordinates and leads the Safety Program
Requirements for Compliance/QA Manager Include:
  • 3 - 5 years of compliance or QA experience in the manufacturing industry
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Associate's Degree
  • Knowledge of industry standards and regulations or willingness to learn
  • Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists.
  • Exposure and understanding of ISO 9001 and/or QCA
  • Exposure to State Environmental Regulations (any state)
Fey Industries, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.


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