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At NewHire, we believe every job deserves the right person. We understand the burden that businesses face when they are forced to select a person from a stack of resumes, and we are fighting hard to relieve that burden, for the sake of employers and potential employees everywhere. 

We are on a mission to #KillTheResume as an initial screening tool for candidates. We believe that candidates should be able to show what they know when applying to jobs, and employers should be able to select candidates based on answers to their questions -- not based on a fancy piece of paper with a list of a candidate's past jobs.  

"I stand with NewHire on their mission to #KillTheResume. Candidates deserve a chance to show what they know, and employers deserve a better way to find the right people for their jobs."

If you want to see employers and pototential employees treated better during the hiring process, share our Recruiting Manifesto using the buttons below!

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As always, we would be delighted to speak to you about your recruiting or advertising needs. 877-923-0054