Simple Pricing: NewHire Full Service

No per-head fees. No percentages. Pay for what you use. 


Every NewHire Plan Includes...

✓ Branded Careers Page
 Unlimited Candidate Landing Pages
 Confidential Hiring Option
 Applicant Tracking

 Auto-reply email
 Candidate Sourcing Strategies
 Custom Pre-Screening Questions
 Unlimited Software Users

What is my pricing based on?

At NewHire, we base pricing on the number of job titles you need help recruiting for. We won't charge you by the head or for a guarantee that you don't end up using. You'll pay for exactly what you need, when you need it. That is the NewHire way. 

How long is my commitment?
We'll start with a 60 Day Full-Service Recruiting Kick-Off. This two month commitment will get you up to speed on using our tools, and it will get you meeting with candidates. From there, you can decide how you would like to use NewHire on a monthly basis.  Stick with the full-service option and let us control the operation. Or switch to our self-service model and collect applications using the NewHire Careers Page on your website. You manage the work internally and control costs. Do you have more recruiting to do? Choose the level of service you need for this month and get started. 
How do I start using NewHire Full Service? 

    60 Day    
   Kick Off   


       ✓ Set Up
       ✓ Ad-writing
       ✓ Sourcing & Screening
       ✓ Full-Service

          Starting at...     

In the first 60 days, we build a customized recruiting and hiring process for your company. A NewHire Staffing Coordinator will equip you with the candidates, the hiring tools, and the coaching neccesary to find the right person for your open positions.  

What are my options after the 60 Day Kick Off? 



   ✓ Phone Screening
   ✓ Interview Scheduling
   ✓ Offer Help


Starting at...
per month






   ✓ Powerful ATS Features
   ✓ Branded Landing Pages
   ✓ Free Organic Advertising



Most NewHire clients are set up, advertised, and meeting candidates within the first 30 days. After the 60 day kick off, you can decide whether it makes sense to continue using our full-service recruitment plan or switch to a self-service model where you can purchase additional advertising, assessments, and other recruiting tools on a per-use basis.  

If I am using Self-Service, can I switch back to Full-Service if I need to?  

Yes. We want you to find the right person to fill your open positions. We understand that you may have other projects that need your attention. Your hiring process shouldn't suffer as a result. Whenever you need us, NewHire is willing to pick up the process at full-service. Since we spend our first 60 days together getting to know you, our hiring professionals will be ready to take over your recruiting at any stage. 

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