3. Screening - Identify Top Talent

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Maximize time spent with qualified candidates

The NewHire software simplifies the screening process, allowing you to effectively identify candidates who meet your target hiring criteria without the hassle of reading through stacks of resumes.  

Gone are the days of unreliable keyword searches. Instead, our screening process gives you the answers to your key questions.

With NewHire:

 Gain full access to your candidate pool -- all in one place

 Screen candidates using your customized questionnaire, not a keyword search

 Top candidates are phone interviewed by our seasoned experts, who have spent the time to understand your company and needs

 Our effective tracking tools manage candidates throughout the hiring process

NewHire's unique screening solution has helped countless businesses streamline their recruiting and hiring processes. Click here to learn how 4 SMBs filled over 100 jobs without reading a single resume. 

The Case Against Screening with Resumes

Screening candidates using the resume is a procedure that 99% of businesses today use -- and for no good reason. Even Google readily admits in their guide to reviewing resumes that they are an "imperfect means for reviewing talent." 

 Research from the University of Chicago suggests that using resumes to screen talent can lead to a candidate's name, addresses, and schools negatively affecting how hiring managers review talent, causing them to miss out on key individuals.

 The added pressure of the amount of time it takes to carefully review resumes, with dozens of other things on a hiring manager's plate, lead to even more bias and ill-informed decision making.

 Employers use shortcuts, like using gaps in employment history to screen out otherwise qualified candidates. Keyword searches only identify resumes that happen to use keywords, not qualified candidates. 

 All of this occurs at the most important stage of the hiring process, after your target candidate has expressed interest in the position.

Research also indicates that the shortcuts used when screening resumes lead employers to unfairly disqualify candidates who would otherwise be a great fit for the job. This leads to missed opportunities for employees and employers alike.

So what can you do? 

At NewHire, we suggest a different approach -- one that does not rely on the resume as a screening tool at all. Employers identify the key criteria they are looking for in a potential new hire, and they create questions that every candidates answers during the application process. 

From there, an employer searches through the candidate pool based on answers to their key questions. See what we mean here: 

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