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Getting job applicants to this point in the process was hard enough. Now you have to interview them. What could go wrong?

A bad interview could mean the difference between hiring a superstar and hiring a dud. Not to mention, the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) has strict guidelines regarding what an employer can and can't ask during an interview. Even the most innocent, polite comment in passing can turn into a mound of trouble down the pointer

That's where NewHire's experience interviewing over 25,000 candidates for work can benefit you. In this guide, our interviewing experts explain: 

  • What questions you should avoid asking during interviews
  • How to properly prepare for a great interview
  • A guide for what to do before, during, and after interviewing a top candidate

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Not an expert interviewer? Don't know what you can and can't ask when you have someone on the other side of the desk? Worry no more. Fill out the form below to request our Interviewing Tips & Guidelines White Paper.

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