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Route Sales Representative - Uniform - Linen - Facilities Products
Gaylord, MI  


As a Route Sales Representative for Maurer’s Textile Rental Services, you will provide route service to a set customer base, through the pick-up and delivery of uniforms, linen, mats, and facility services products such as, but not limited to: dust mops, air fresheners, soaps, restroom products, and other ancillary products. The Route Sales Representatives are also responsible for customer satisfaction, by responding to customer inquiries and requests, as well as pro-active problem solving. Additional responsibilities include growing the existing route, through sales of additional items from our product line and catalog to current customers.
Maurer’s Textile Rental Services, Inc strives to provide exceptional quality and service as well as exceed customer expectations through our dedicated staff who has helped us grow and keep loyal, long-term customers. Maurer’s Textile Rental Services, Inc has been family owned and operated for 47 years! Founded in 1969, we’ve grown into one of the most trusted and appreciated Uniform, Linen and Facilities Rental companies serving the state of Michigan and Northern Ohio.

Applicants will be subject to pre-employment physical, drug screening, background check, and will be required to maintain a MDOT medical card, as well as a chauffeur's license.
Maurer’s Textile Rental Services, Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please apply via the confidential application below. No direct calls or emails, please. 


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