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How did these 4 businesses fill over 100 open jobs without reading a single resume?

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Nick and his team needed hiring help fast. Cooks, servers, and cashiers for their mid-sized food service company were needed in high volume and short order (no pun intended.)

Unfortunately, for every job advertisement they posted online, they were slogging through hundreds of unqualified resumes to find the few people they wanted to talk to. 

The solution? They wrote job advertisements that made it abundantly clear who they were not looking for. They described the resumes they wanted instead of the people they wanted, with years of experience, specific skills, and key criteria becoming the focus of their ads. "Those lacking in these areas need not apply!" they demanded.

But the unqualified candidates were still applying. It was like they weren't even reading the ads! And now the qualified ones were nowhere to be found.

That's when Nick found NewHire and started learning about how his team could find better people faster, and stop wasting time reading resumes.


"NewHire has been an incredible partner to us. They have totally streamlined our recruiting process, and they have provided exceptional service and expertise to our team."

                                                      --- Nicholas Saccaro, President

In addition to having more time to focus on the right candidates, Nick found that without the resume, his recruiting process was seeing much better results. Why?  

Research from the University of Chicago suggests that using resumes to screen talent can lead to even the smallest indicators like name, addresses, and schools negatively affecting how hiring managers review talent.

✔ The added pressure of the amount of time it takes to carefully review resumes, with dozens of other things on a hiring manager's plate, lead to even more bias and ill-informed decision making.
✔ Employers use shortcuts, like using gaps in employment history to screen out otherwise qualified candidates. Keyword searches only identify resumes that happen to use keywords, not qualified candidates. 
✔ All of this occurs at the most important stage of the hiring process, after your target candidate has expressed interest in the position.

NewHire's in-depth online recruiting and hiring resources also helped Nick and team understand how to fill their openings with the right people faster. 

With NewHire's FREE online resources, Nick learned:

✓ How to create job advertisements that attract talented individuals who fit his company

✓ How to source potential employees from several places online and forward them to one central place

✓ How to screen candidates based on criteria that matter, without using resumes

✓ Why most employers struggle to find good talent

✓ What his team could do to better manage the entire recruiting process

Then, instead of going at it alone (which you totally could do, and we wouldn't judge you for it... except for maybe a little bit) Nick contacted NewHire to help him set up a recruiting and hiring process that could work for him over time. Over 5,000 candidates and 130 jobs later, he's still finding great talent fast! 

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At NewHire, we believe that every job deserves the right person. We understand the unique recruiting challenges faced by small and mid-sized businesses. That's why we've created a hiring solution that is simple, comprehensive, and effective.

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