Get the NewHire Advantage!

Get the NewHire Advantage!

More of a "do-it-yourselfer?" We get it.


With NewHire Advantage, you will get all of the benefits of recruiting with our proven 6-Step hiring process while maintaining complete control over the progress of your recruiting from start to finish.

The days of reading resumes and spending time with unqualified candidates are over. Let NewHire's powerful sourcing and screening tools get you in front of the right candidates, so that you can have more of the conversations that matter.  

Use our tools for:
idea lightbulb
1. Prepare to Recruit
  • Unlimited Candidate Landing Pages                

  • Branded Careers Page

  • Write attractive job ads using NewHire templates
    and training guide

Candidate Pool
2. Sourcing
  • Free organic Job Board     postings for every job  

  • Access Top Paid
    Online Job Boards

  • Data to better inform sourcing decisions

Candidate creening magnifying glass
3. Screening
  • Custom Screening Questionnaires

  • Track Candidates with  ATS features

  • Phone Interview Template

Use NewHire Services as needed for:
Interview drawing
4. Interviewing
  • Phone interviews

  • NewHire Service Hours 

  • Interview Consultation
    and Training

Assessment checklist
5. Assessing
  • Behavioral Style assessments

  • Aptitude Tests

  • Skills Based Testing
    and Assessments

hiring handshake
6. Offer
  • Offer Letter Help

  • Offer Negotiation Consultation

  • Background and
    Reference Checks

...and much more!

Combine a do-it-yourself NewHire software subscription with the ability to select and purchase specific add-on services when you need them! Use our Menu of Products and Services to add NewHire's expert services to your process.  

What is the advantage of using NewHire's tools?

With NewHire, you screen candidates based on their responses to your questions before you look at a single resume! All of your candidates for a given job title are in one place. You can create custom screening questions or use our library of templates that include multiple choice and short answer questions. Then use NewHire’s powerful search tools to quickly identify top talent. You can also track candidates as they progress through the hiring process.

Where do my candidates come from?

Organic advertising is available for every job included in your NewHire Advantage license. Need more candidates? NewHire offers access to a variety of paid candidate sourcing options. Sourcing candidates from over 75 job boards, we can provide you with the analytics and insights you need to get the most out of your recruitment advertising budget. NewHire's Advertising Coordinators will manage posting your jobs, relationships with various vendors, and tracking your campaigns so your focus can be on finding the right person for the job. 

If I use Advantage, can I upgrade my jobs to NewHire's Full Service Solution?

Yes. We want you to find the right person to fill your open positions. We understand that you may have other projects that need your attention. Your hiring process shouldn't suffer as a result. Whenever you need us, NewHire is willing to pick up the process at full-service. 


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