Candidate Sourcing Strategy

Comprehensive Candidate Sourcing

You want your job ads everywhere, not your applications.

Our Candidate Sourcing Strategy includes job advertisements on several of today's top job boards. We couple that with emails to a targeted candidate pool -- giving you a diversified recruitment advertising strategy to maximize your candidate sourcing. All of your candidate sourcing points back to NewHire, so you don't have to manage more than one password. 

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A Comprehensive Advertising Solution: Ads and Emails

Our Candidate Sourcing Strategy includes top job boards to ensure you are getting the best value. This package includes sponsored ads on the internet's top job boards, emails to a targeted group of candidates, a wide variety of niche networks, and a modern social media strategy. We link your advertisement to your NewHire application and manage all the job advertisements for you. 


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Campaign Reporting

We offer campaign reporting from Google Analytics & the NewHire web log. Your staffing coordinator will review the reports with you to clarify what advertising strategy has worked best for your job, and how you should proceed.


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