NewHire Client Overview

Who Uses NewHire?

We work with small and mid-sized companies all over the US, who have anywhere from 10-1000 employees. The vast majority of our clients are owner-operated and are tired of spending too much time recruiting & hiring. Whether they purchase one of our Elements or Professional packages, our customers really value the time and effort we put into our customer service. 

Here are just a few of our clients experiences using NewHire:


Pentegra Systems Pentegra Systems "We were able to see the candidates we wanted and hire the person we wanted in the time frame we needed. All of this was done efficiently and easily with a price that was a good value for the services provided. From our perspective that is all you can ask for from a service provider."
-- Ed Karl, Pentegra Systems, LLC
Spotts Insurance Group Spotts Insurance Group "Our experience with New Hire has been a positive one, and we would recommend your company to others who want to improve their recruiting process."
-- Donna Spotts, Vice President
Elite Sales Performance Elite Sales Performance, Sandler Training "In the past two years we have never had anything close to the quantity or quality of candidates that your services provided."
-- Andrew Wall, President
Progressive Stamping Progressive Stamping "It was like having my own team to help with the work. I found a great person and match for the position. I will be using NewHire again and again."
--Dave Younge, President
Redmonds Redmonds Parts and Paint, Inc. "After 2 successive failed hirings, I was referred to NewHire. They get it. The people there work very hard to understand you and your business and have the proven process that works."
--Chris Redmonds, President
Quest Food Management Services Quest Food Management Services "NewHire has been an incredible partner to us at Quest. They have totally streamlined our recruiting process, and they have provided exceptional service and expertise to our team in getting up and running with NewHire." -- Nick Saccaro, President
SAS Automation SAS Automation "I have been very impressed with NewHire to this point. My Staffing Coordinator (Alicia) is very informative and professional. She is a tremendous asset to your company and mine. -- Rob Dalton,
General Manager
Staunton Staunton, Inc. "We got to tailor the approach more than just resumes so we could filter through the 75+ responses on their easy-to-use online tool, and we had our "new hire" working with us within 2 weeks of receiving the response."
--Graeme Staunton, President
ICM Products ICM Products "NewHire delivered what we had agreed to and I thought all your personnel were professional and very accommodating. Thanks for working with us on this search and though it didn't exactly work out for us, I'd certainly consider using your service again in the future."
-- Tom Gawlik, CFO
PackSmart, Inc. PackSmart, Inc. "The experience has been very gratifying. We hope to make a hire in less than 30 days from when we started with NewHire!"
- Nancy A. Menditto, PackSmart, Inc.
Samaritan Display Samaritan Display "With the help of Chuck and New Hire, we changed our strategy and sought out highly skilled people with the personal attributes we wanted and minimized the importance of experience. I am very happy to report that this new strategy has been very successful for us."
--Gregg Pospisil, President
SITEX SITEX Corporation "NewHire's system provides a clean, well-organized hiring approach from start to finish. Their team of experts walked us through the entire implementation process and made the transition and development of our own system seamless."
- Traci W. Tyler, VP of Human Resources
Main Street Mat Main Street Mat "NewHire was great to work with, they helped us write the ad and worked with us all the way to the end. We were able to find a great candidate that we would not of found with out their help."
-- Andrew Quillen, General Manager
Premium Surge Premium Surge With business expanding rapidly, Premium Surge needed to fill several positions quickly. Licensing NewHire Advantage, they were able to fill their open positions within 60 days.
Potential Sales & Consulting Potential Sales & Consulting “I hired three talented people in three months, from over 300 resumes. I don’t think companies would have even gotten through 300 resumes in three months, let alone hire.”
-- Victor Arocho, Sales Development Expert
Evergreen Recycling Evergreen Companies "New Hire attracted about 290 applicants… Of the 9 interviewed I think 8 were qualified and could have done the job. I am very satisfied with the quality of people we eventually sat with."
-- Tim Haugh, President
Ace Imagewear Ace Imagewear "Thanks for your recent help in placing and managing our sales ads - we improved our number of qualified applicants significantly and we're able to successfully recruit two potential rainmakers."
-- Ed Heilman, CEO
People Stretch Solutions People Stretch Solutions "Your team has been amazing in helping our team learn how to use the tool and leverage all of the benefit...I would highly recommend you to any OMG/Sales consultant to incorporate you into their practice" -- Alex Bartholomaus, President & CEO
The Alternative Board The Alternative Board NewHire is a cost-effective way to add efficiency and team access to a hiring process. Great product -- worked like a charm!"
- Ed Kleinman, TAB Facilitator