Elite Sales Performance, Sandler Training

Elite Sales Performance

Elite Sales Performance is a Sandler Training franchise in Ontario, Canada, that provides sales and management training to business as a part of a global network of sales training partners from around the world. Their president, Andrew Wall, used NewHire's Basic service to place Sandler Training's uniquely written advertisement on job boards using our Ad Pack. After screening through 120 candidates using the NewHire software, Elite Sales Performance was able to find their newest Sales Executive. Here's what Andrew Wall had to say to our president, Chuck Smith: 

"After two years of advertising to hire an associate without success I was referred to your company, NewHire.

Through NewHire's services, within less than two months we received over 100 applicants. We had 15 pass the behavioral assessments, 8 do a telephone interview, and 3 do a face-to-face interview. We hired one candidate who completed our 5 step interview process. 

In the past two years we have never had anything close to the quantity or quality of candidates that your services provided.

Chuck, I don’t profess to understand why your services worked so much better than our approach, but it did, and I am thankful!"

-- Andrew Wall, President